The article contains a narrative on the history and a description of the current condition of the I.P.Borodin Herbarium (KFTA) in St. Petersburg State Forest-Technical University. One of the oldest in Russia, the Herbarium was founded by S.I.Karelshchikov in 1865 and now contains about 200000 specimens. It consists of three large sections: the Herbarium of Russian Native Plants, General Herbarium of the World Flora, and Dendrology Section. Founded largely by Egbert Ludwigowich Wolf (1860−1931), the latter collection has been preserved separately from the rest of the holdings. The entire Dendrology Herbarium was reviewed and reorganized a few years ago, the specimens arranged alphabetically in the order of families, genera, and species. About 500 horticultural standards, types, and authentic specimens were identified within taxa that had been described or planned to be published by Wolf. More recently, in 2010−2014, the authors continued the search for authentic specimens within the other two sections, the World Flora and Russian Herbarium, and thus located a large number (a total of about 5700) of types specimens. The review is still going on.

In 2012 the I.P.Borodin Herbarium joined the international project on scanning of type and standard specimens, the Global Plants Initiative and was awarded a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation including a specialized inverted scanner. In the course of the project, completed in 2014, the authors scanned more than 3600 specimens. The images together with their label information are to be posted at the Global Plants Initiative ( and Virtual Herbaria ( web sites.