Variability of characters in reproductive organs of three taxa within Agropyron Gaertn.: Mathematical analysis

Sergey I. Neuymin, Sergey A. Shavnin, Andrey A. Montile, Andrey I. Montile and Simha I. Katsman

Our mathematical-statistical approach to the classification of character elements is based on Vavilov's Law of Homologous Series. Character elements are formally expressed as frequency values of Integral Parameter in the Compression Mapping System (IPCMS). Consistent general patterns of IPCMS numerical values are revealed. Characteristics of each set of values depict infraspecific variability caused by variation of environmental conditions affecting representatives of a certain species. Upon sequential ordering of the coefficient mean values, species-specific changes in the distribution of frequencies are revealed. The potential of this method for studying infra- and inter-specific variability in phenotypic characters is demonstrated using an example of three taxa within Agropyron, wheatgrass.
Skvortsovia: 3(1): 04 – 19 (published on line: 10 October 2016)