Taeniopetalum Vis. (Apiaceae), a neglected segregate of Peucedanum L., supported as a remarkable genus by morphological and molecular data

Tatiana A. Ostroumova, Michael G. Pimenov, Galina V. Degtjareva and Tahir H. Samigullin

The genus Taeniopetalum Vis., comprising three species and two subspecies, has been traditionally treated within Peucedanum L., sometimes segregated as a section or subgenus. Molecular (ITS nrDNA sequences), morphological and especially microcarpological data show that Taeniopetalum is distant from the type group of Peucedanum (P. officinale L. and its allies). According to molecular data, P. obtusifolium Sm. belongs to the same clade. This affinity is supported morphologically (by similarities in fruit structure). Thus P. obtusifolium can also be placed with Taeniopetalum. A taxonomic treatment for the genus Taeniopetalum is provided along with an identification key. Three new combinations are published: Taeniopetalum arenarium subsp. borysthenicum (Klokov ex Schischk.) Pimenov & Ostr., T. arenarium subsp. neumayeri (Vis.) Pimenov & Ostr. and T. obtusifolium (Sm.) Pimenov.
Skvortsovia: 3(1): 20 – 44 (published on line 25 November 2016)