Additions to the new taxonomic classification of Molluginaceae (Caryophyllales)

Alexander P. Sukhorukov and Maria Kushunina

Two new combinations are published here after establishment of the new generic classification of Molluginaceae based on molecular phylogeny (Thulin et al., 2016). Mollugo pentaphylla L. var. rupestris T.Cooke from Western Ghats (India) is raised to the rank of species within the genus Trigastrotheca F.Muell. (T. rupestris (T.Cooke) Sukhor.). Mollugo pentaphylla var. rupestris is lectotypified. All investigated Caribbean specimens of Paramollugo nudicaulis (Lam.) Thulin (previously Mollugo nudicaulis Lam.) differ from the Old World specimens in seed coat ornamentation, and therefore we assume that P. nudicaulis s.str. is absent in the Caribbean region. Pharnaceum spathulatum Sw., described from the West Indies and previously synonymized with Mollugo nudicaulis Lam. or Paramollugo nudicaulis, is a basionym for the new combination within Paramollugo (P. spathulata (Swartz) Sukhor.). A list of synonyms of P. spathulata including Paramollugo navassensis (Ekman) Thulin and Mollugo bellidifolia (Poir.) Ser. is provided.
Skvortsovia: 3(1): 45 – 54 (published on line: 13 December 2016)