Representatives of the sections Aigeiros Duby and Tacamahaca Spach (genus Populus L., Salicaceae) and their hybrids in cities of central and eastern European Russia

Marina V. Kostina, Alexander N. Puzyryov, Jury A. Nasimovich and Maria S. Parshevnikova

The article contains an overview of cultivated species and hybrids and also morphological and phenological comparisons of black and balsam poplars (sect. Aigeros and sect. Tacamahaca) that occur in three cities of European Russia: Moscow, Izhevsk, and Tula. The survey has revealed a very low number of pure species. Probable parentage is proposed for a number of hybrid poplars widely deployed by the urban green industry. Consequences of poplar hybridization in natural habitats and urban settings are discussed. New nothospecies, Populus ×nevensis Nasim. is described.
Skvortsovia: 3(3): 97 – 119 (published on line 6 February 2017)