Digitization of vascular plant herbarium collections at the Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Novosibirsk, Russia

Nataliya K. Kovtonyuk, Irina V. Han and Evgeniya A. Gatilova

The herbaria at the Central Siberian Botanical Garden Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CSBG) were started in 1946. There are two herbarium collections with their own codes and registrations in the Index Herbariorum: M.G.Popov Herbarium (NSK) and I.M.Krasnoborov Herbarium (NS). Approximately 800000 herbarium specimens of vascular plants, mosses, lichens and fungi collected in Siberia, the Russian Far East, Europe, Asia and North America are stored in NSK and NS. Digitization of the herbarium specimens of vascular plants at the resolution of 600 dpi began in 2014 using a special scanner, Herbscan, starting with type specimens. In 2017 a new research group Unique Scientific Unit – Herbarium (USU-Herbarium) was organized in the CSBG for the digitization and management of herbarium collections. Herbarium specimens are being digitized using three customized scanners: Herbscan and two ObjectScan 1600, according to the international standards, at 600 dpi, with a barcode, 24-color scale and spatial scale bar. Images and metadata are stored in the CSBG Database generated by ScanWizard Botany and MiVapp Botany software (Microtek, Taiwan).
Skvortsovia: 4(3): 100 – 111 (published on line 3 December 2018)