Lectotypification of Galanthus krasnovii A.P.Khokhr. (Amaryllidaceae)

Nina Y. Stepanova and Sergey A. Poluektov

Galanthus krasnovii was described by A.P.Khokhrjakov (1963: 140) from the plants collected by him in Adzhariya and Abkhazia. Most of the original material was deposited in the Herbarium of Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden RAS (MHA). During work on the revision and digitization of the authentic herbarium specimens deposited in this herbarium, two samples of Galanthus krasnovii corresponding to the type quoted in the protologue were found. Since the collection consists of two duplicates, one of them was designated as the lectotype, in accordance with Art. 40.2, Note 1, Ex. 3 of the Shenzhen Code (Turland et al., 2018).
Skvortsovia: 5(1): 14 – 21 (published on line 22 November 2019)