First International Salicaceae Symposium, Meise Botanic Garden, May 25, 2019

Sonja Deneve, Dirk De Meyere and Kenneth Bauters

In 2018, Meise Botanic Garden, situated in a former royal estate, accepted an invitation to host the 2019 International Salicaceae Symposium. Being the only botanic garden in Belgium with a long-standing salicetum tradition, it proved to be the perfect premises. This was a remarkable illustration of biodiversity resulting from a well-managed Salicaceae collection with spontaneous indigenous Salicaceae taxa appearing across the garden. Speakers and participants alike welcomed the initiative, as many feel that research on Salicaceae world-wide needs to be stimulated. A workshop on Salix identification concluded the successful day.
Skvortsovia: 5(3): 2 – 10 (published on line 15 November 2019)