Salix diversity in Belgium and the Netherlands: the use of traditional basketry as a key factor

Arnout Zwaenepoel

In Belgium and the Netherlands more than 60 willow species, hybrids and varieties are found, of which only a limited number are native species. The majority were introduced, mainly in the 19th century, as osiers for basketry or hoop-making purposes. Since 1997 the author has tried to identify the willow diversity in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2019 we have a good idea of the diversity, but a number of names are still uncertain due to taxonomical discussions typical for this difficult genus, with many hybrids, back-crosses and clonal cultivars. Genetic research in the future will probably resolve some of these problems.
Skvortsovia: 5(3): 42 – 55 (published on line 10 January 2020)