Annotated catalogue of taxa associated with the work of A.K. Skvortsov. Part I.

Nina Y. Stepanova, Sergey A. Poluektov, Ivan V. Tatanov and Irina V. Belyaeva

Forty-four taxa described by A.K. Skvortsov, nine taxa described by other scientists who used herbarium material collected or annotated by Skvortsov for their descriptions and eleven taxa named in his honour, are included in this part of the catalogue. Combinations, replacement names and taxa published by Skvortsov in collaboration with other authors while working on Flora of China (Fang et al., 1999) will be included in the second part of the catalogue. For each taxon we provide a nomenclatural citation, information on type specimens and herbaria where types are kept. Typifications of 3 taxa, Epilobium pseudorubescens A.K.Skvortsov, Salix excelsa S.G.Gmel. var. rodinii A.K.Skvortsov, and S. kalarica (A.K.Skvortsov) Vorosch., were made. Protologue citations, etymology, distribution and homotypic synonyms are given. Digital pictures are included where necessary. A current taxonomic opinion is provided for all taxa.
Skvortsovia: 6(1): 1 – 67 (published on line 21 August 2020)