The Fujairah Scientific Herbarium – a new herbarium in the United Arab Emirates

Vyacheslav V. Byalt, Mikhail V. Korshunov and Vladimir M. Korshunov

A brief introduction to a new scientific Herbarium of United Arab Emirates in Fujairah Emirate is given and a code (FSH) is proposed for it. The Herbarium, which is situated in the quarantine zone of Wadi Wuraya National Park and Reserve, is based on the 2017–2020 collections made in Fujairah and neighbouring regions of the UAE and Oman, and currently includes ca. 6000 specimens. It contains up to 80–90% of the species previously listed for Fujairah, as well as those not previously listed. The article also provides a general summary of the Fujairah flora and a list of genera and families represented in the Fujairah Scientific Herbarium.
Skvortsovia: 6(3): 7 — 29 (published on line Sep 25, 2020)