Verification of names for certain Populus L. clones (Salicaceae) commonly grown in the United Kingdom

Irina V. Belyaeva, Charles Dutton, Rafaƫl H.A. Govaerts, Heike Liesebach, Kevin McGinn, Marijke Steenackers, Graham Taylor and John Pickett

For eleven Populus clones, P. 'Beaupre', P. 'Boelare' P. 'Columbia River', P. 'Fritzi Pauley', P. 'Gaver', P. 'Ghoy', P. 'Gibecq', P. 'Primo', P. 'Robusta', P. 'Scott Pauley', P. 'Trichobel' widely cultivated across Europe and grown in the UK, their taxonomy and clonal names were verified using morphological and molecular markers. Correct scientific names were applied to all clones. For nine of them, the correct clonal names were found. One new combination was made, and seven scientific names were typified.
Skvortsovia: 6(3): 87 — 116 (published on line Dec 23, 2020)