Bibliography of Salix L. (Salicaceae)

George W. Argus

This bibliography comprises references to publications related to the genus Salix. The list was compiled by the author during his scientific career. The main focus of the list is on references related to willow nomenclature and taxonomy, but it also covers other biological aspects of the genus Salix and related genera. References are listed in alphabetical and chronological order. The titles of books and articles are given in full and checked against WordCat (2021). The names of journals are abbreviated according to Botanico-Periodicum-Huntiarum (BPH, 2021), the names of periodicals absent from BPH are marked with asterisks. This list was completed by the author in 2016 but has been much revised and checked by the editors of Skvortsovia since then.
Skvortsovia: 7(1): 1 — 164 (published on line Apr 7, 2021)