Identity of Salix chilensis Molina (Salicaceae)

George W. Argus, Irina V. Belyaeva, and Kanchi N. Gandhi

The problem with the current use of two names, Salix chilensis Molina and S. humboldtiana Willd., for the same taxon is presented. The identity of S. chilensis based on historical facts is discussed. As the continued use of two names for a single taxon is a source of taxonomic confusion, formal rejection of the name, S. chilensis, is suggested and the name S. humboldtiana is accepted here for current use. The typification of two homotypic names, S. humboldtiana and Pleiarina humboldtiana, is made.
Skvortsovia: 7(3): 1 – 14 (published on line 30 July 2021)