Annotated catalogue of seeds and spores (Index Seminum) collected from plants cultivated in the Botanical Garden of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2021

Olga A. Kiseleva, Lidia A. Semkina, Dmitriy Yu. Golikov, Lyudmila M. Dorofeeva, Elena A. Sharova, Evgeniya S. Vasfilova, Olga A. Pervushina, Tatiana A. Vorobiyova and Elena N. Minogina

The Institute Botanical Garden of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg (BG UB RAS), is located in the southern taiga zone with a moderate continental climate. The cultivation of plants in this region is associated with a high risk of frost damage and therefore the collection of introduced plants is unique for the Middle Urals. It includes ca. 5600 taxa. Many plants in open ground and in greenhouses bloom profusely and produce seeds. The harvest of 2021 is a special one because it is 85 years ago that the Botanical Garden UB RAS was founded. The Index Seminum contains a list of the plants that produce seeds and spores and are available for exchange with other botanical gardens and botanical institutions. These seeds and spores were harvested from the plants grown during 2021 season.
Skvortsovia: 7(4): 1 – 53 (published on line 30 December 2021)