Annotated catalogue of herbarium specimens of Salix L. (Salicaceae) associated with the work of Veniamin I. Shaburov in the Urals (Russia)

Irina V. Belyaeva, Olga V. Epanchintseva, Nikolay G. Erokhin, Rafaël H.A. Govaerts, Nina P. Salmina, Denis V. Veselkin, Alex A. Vorobiov, Ekaterina M. Zvezdina and Lidia A. Semkina

Herbarium specimens collected by the renowned Russian salicologist and breeder, Veniamin I. Shaburov (1926–2010), were digitised and their scans were deposited in GBIF. All original labels were translated from Russian into English, all specimens were revised, and they were annotated with the correct names. A new weeping form, Salix alba L. f. veniaminii I.V.Belyaeva & O.V.Epanch., was described and dedicated to V. I. Shaburov. A new combination, S. triandra L. f. glaucophylla (Ser.) I.V.Belyaeva & Govaerts, was made and this name was typified. Four new synonyms were recognised.
Skvortsovia: 8(1): 1 – 144 (published on line 30 June 2022)