Records of new and rare native species of flowering plants in Fujairah (United Arab Emirates)

Vyacheslav V. Byalt, Vladimir M. Korshunov, Mikhail V. Korshunov and Denis G. Melnikov

The discovery of newly recorded species of Asteraceae (Artemisia sieberi Besser, Crepis kotschyana (Boiss.) Boiss., Garhadiolus hedypnois Jaub. & Spach), Lactuca orientalis (Boiss.) Boiss.), Brassicaceae (Clypeola aspera (Grauer) Turrill), Caryophyllaceae (Velezia fasciculata Boiss.) and Poaceae (Aegilops kotschyi Boiss. and Poa sinaica Steud.) is reported for Fujairah Emirate (United Arab Emirates). Of these species, Crepis kotschyana, Garhadiolus hedypnois, Clypeola aspera, Lactuca orientalis are new for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a whole and Velezia fasciculata is new for UAE and Oman (Musandam). All of them were found in the mountains at altitudes between 1300–1360 m in the environs of Al Tawyeen (Fujairah, UAE).
Skvortsovia: 8(2): 1 – 24 (published on line 24 August 2022)