Lectotypification of some names, published by P.S. Pallas, in Astragalus L. and Phaca L. (Fabaceae)

Vyacheslav V. Byalt and Andrey K. Sytin

Typifications were made for the names of 20 species originally described by P.S. Pallas in the genera Astragalus L. and Phaca L., subsequently transferred to and accepted in the genus Oxytropis DC., belonging to the sections Arctobia Bunge (Astragalus nigrescens Pall., A. pumilio Pall., A. pygmaeus Pall.), Baicalia (Tell.) Bunge (Astragalus baicalia Pall., A. daguricus Pall., A. dasyphyllus Pall., A. inarius Pall., Phaca lanata Pall., Ph. myriophylla Pall., Ph. oxyphylla Pall., Ph. prostrata Pall.), Gloeocephala Bunge (Astragalus leucanthus Pall.), Janthina Bunge (Astragalus coeruleus Pall., A. baicalensis Pall.), Ortholoma Bunge (Astragalus floribundus Pall.), Mesogaea Bunge (Astragalus deflexus Pall., A. retroflexus Pall.), Polyadena Bunge (Phaca microphylla Pall., Ph. muricata Pall.), Xerobia Bunge (Astragalus ampullatus Pall., A. caespitosus Pall., A. leptophyllus Pall., A. setosus Pall., A. triphyllus Pall.). Nomenclature and taxonomy are discussed and information on distribution is given for all accepted taxa.
Skvortsovia: 8(2): 25 – 57 (published on line 28 October 2022)