Nomenclatural and taxonomic notes on some Salix L. (Salicaceae) from China

Alisa E. Grabovskaya-Borodina, Ivan V. Tatanov, and Irina V. Belyaeva

During the preparation of a catalogue of type specimens for Chinese plants deposited at LE, the taxonomic status and synonymy of Salix araeostachya C.K.Schneid., S. cantoniensis Hance, S. fargesii Burkill, S. henryi Burkill, S. heterochroma Seemen, S. heteromera Hand.- Mazz. and S. paraplesia C.K.Schneid. were clarified and the names were typified where necessary. The original collections of these willows were discussed in connection to the historical circumstances of their authors and collectors.
Skvortsovia: 8(2): 58 – 81 (published on line 16 December 2022)