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Vol. 1 (1) – 26 November 2013 (printed version – 17 January 2014)

Skvortsovia, a new international journal of salicology and plant biology
Irina Kadis, Mac H.Alford, Irina Belyaeva, Keith Chamberlain, Irina V.Petrova, Sergey A.Shavnin and Alexey G.Zinovjev

1 – 2
Impressions of Alexei Konstantinovich Skvortsov
David Boufford

3 – 4
Remembering Alexei K.Skvortsov – A Flora of China Author and Visiting Botanist
Anthony R.Brach

5 – 7
А.K.Skvortsov as a mentor
Alexandra N.Berkutenko

8 – 11
A nomenclator for Homalium (Salicaceae)
Wendy L.Applequist

12 – 74
A new Atriplex species from the island of Mauritius (Amaranthaceae)
Alexander P.Sukhorukov

75 – 80
Polytrichum papillosum (Musci, Polytrichaceae), a new species from the Urals
Alexander P.Dyachenko

81 – 91
Willows of the USSR and its rebirth as Willows of Russia and Adjacent Countries
Irina Kadis

92 – 97
Book Reviews
The Genus Betula, A Taxonomic Revision of Birches by the late Kenneth Ashburner and Hugh A.McAllister
Heather L.Lindon