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Vol. 1 (4) – 31 December 2014

Third Conference in Memory of Prof. Alexey Skvortsov
Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. 11 March 2014. Abstracts
Conference overview
Ivan A. Schanzer

257 – 258
Ecological features of meadows in the southeastern part of the buffer zone surrounding the Polistovsky State Nature Reserve (Pskov Region)
O.V. Cherednichenko

Features of leaf structure in common heather, Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull.
O.E. Cherepanova and I.V. Petrova

Armeria maritima (Miller) Willd. in Eurasia
I.A. Fadeyeva

259 – 261
History of alien Bidens L. species expansion into Europe
M.A. Galkina

261 – 262
A study of the reproductive biology of Oxalis stricta L. in Tver Region (Russia)
M. I. Khomutovskiy

262 – 263
GIS application Rare and protected plants of Oryol Region: a retrospective view and plans for the future
L.L. Kiseleva

Pattern and randomness in tree crown development: the case of pendulous birch, Betula pendula Roth
M.V. Kostina, G.V. Bityugova, A.M. Dubakh

Variegated scouring rush, Equisetum variegatum Schleich. ex F.Weber & D.Mohr, (Equisetaceae): biology, ecology, and conservation
M.V. Kostina, Ye.O. Korolkova and M.V. Kulak

264 – 265
The spread of Amelanchier Medik. species in Europe
A.G. Kuklina

265 – 266
Directions of research for the conservation and expansion of ex situ biodiversity in the Genus Iris L. based on the ornamental plant collection in the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences
N.A. Mamayeva

266 – 267
Biosafety in New Zealand: a botanist's impressions
S.R. Mayorov

267 – 268
Lichen biodiversity in the Galichya Gora Reserve (Lipetsk Region)
E. E. Muchnik

A.K. Skvortsov in the Moscow State University Botanic Garden
V.S. Novikov, K.V. Kiseleva, G.V. Degtyareva

Umbelliferae and traditional music
T.A. Ostroumova and M.M. Kryukova

269 – 270
Expedition to the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa in October 2013
L.V. Ozerova

270 – 271
Ornamental plants from the flora of Central Asia in the Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences
I.V. Pavlova

271 – 273
A study of seed reproduction in common heather, Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull.
I.V. Petrova, Y.D. Mishikhina and N.S. Sannikova

Inflorescence development in some representatives of Celastrales: is there a conflict with molecular phylogenetic data?
I.A. Savinov

273 – 275
On the notion of species expansion and its employment in studies of adventive flora
A.V. Shcherbakov

Shoot system formation in Quercus robur L. in Moscow Region: the variability of structural units in individual trees at the pre-generative stage
M.N. Stamenov

275 – 276
Lupins: pretty or a pity?
Yu.K. Vinogradova

276 – 277
Notes on the reproductive biology and systematics of genus Aspidistra Ker Gawl. (Asparagaceae)
N.A. Vislobokov

Two new willows from the Eastern Himalayas by A.K. Skvortsov
Irina Kadis

279 – 283
Book Reviews
11000 kilometers around Argentina in search of cacti. Volume 1 by Victor Gapon
Heather L. Lindon

284 – 285