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Vol. 2 (1) – 31 March 2015

The role of starch in the formation of annual radial growth increments in silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.)
Olga V. Tolkach and Vasili I. Ponomarev

1 – 7
New records for the flora of Selenge Province (Mongolia)
Vladimir Doronkin, Dmitry Shaulo, Irina Han, Natalya Vlasova, Victoria Ivleva, Luvsanbaldan Enkhtuya, Tovuudorj Munkh-Erdene, Nanjidsuren Ochgerel and Battseren Munkhjargal

8 – 27
Nomenclatural correction for a Chinese species of Conioselinum (Umbelliferae)
Mikhail G. Pimenov and Evgeniy V. Kljuykov

28 – 34
Leaf morphology and anatomy in marginal populations of common heather, Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull from West Siberia and Atlantic Europe
Olga E. Cherepanova, Irina V. Petrova and Yulia D. Mishchikhina

35 – 44
Changes in the spontaneous flora of the Main Botanic Garden, Moscow, over 65 years
Yulia К. Vinogradovа, Sergey R. Mayorov and Vasily D. Bochkin

45 – 95
Book Reviews
Willow by Alison Syme
Heather L.Lindon

96 – 97