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Vol. 2 (2)

Additions and amendments in the genus Hieracium L. (Asteraceae) of the Ryazan and Vladimir Regions of European Russia
Alexander N. Sennikov and Marina V. Kazakova (2 June 2015)

98 – 111
Rare hybrids of the Middle Volga River Basin
Sergey V. Saksonov, Nikolay S. Rakov, Anastasiya V. Ivanova, Stepan A. Senator and Vladimir M. Vasjukov (25 June 2015)

112 – 125
Nomenclatural and taxonomic notes on the names published by M.G. Popov in Salix L. and Populus L. (Salicaceae)
Nataliya Kovtonyuk and Irina Belyaeva (22 July 2015)

126 – 140
Time of introduction into cultivation for some woody plants: evidence from the archives of the Komarov Botanic Institute
Gennady A. Firsov (25 October 2015)

141 – 155
Book Reviews
Poplars and Willows: Trees for Society and the Environment. Edited by J.G. Isebrands and J.Richardson.
Heather L. Lindon (25 October 2015)

156 – 157