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Vol. 6 (2)

The Ninth Conference in Memory of Alexei K. Skvortsov. Proceedings
Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. February, 2020
Conference Overview
Ivan A. Schanzer (4 September 2020)

1 – 5

Plenary Session
Collections by A.K. Skvortsov in the Herbarium of Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden
Nina Yu. Stepanova, Sergei A. Poluektov and Raisa V. Trokhinskaya (4 September 2020)

5 – 7
A.K. Skvorsov’s contribution to the advancement of herbarium collection: Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Siberian Branch RAS
Natalia K. Kovtonyuk (4 September 2020)

7 – 8
Type specimens of vascular plants in the Herbarium at the Institute of Biological Problems of the North, Far East Branch RAN, Magadan
Maria G. Khoreva and Olga A. Mochalova (4 September 2020)

9 – 10
Evolutionary history of the genus Pulsatilla Mill. (Ranunculaceae) informs us about the history of Eurasian grasslands
Gábor Sramkó (4 September 2020)

11 – 12

Salicology Session
Determination of hybrid formulae for a few willows (Salix L.) using ovule numbers
Alexander Marchenko and Yulia Kuzovkina (4 September 2020)

12 – 14
Population variability of willows from the section Helix Dumort. in Eastern Europe
Natalia A. Kuzmichova (4 September 2020)

14 – 15
Significance of leaf morphological characters in diagnostics and taxonomy of black and white poplars (sections Populus and Aigieros Duby)
Tatiana A. Feodorova and Oleg S. Aleksandrov (4 September 2020)

16 – 18
Influence of rainfall deficiency on shoot morphogenesis of Salix alba L. clones
Alexei A. Afonin (4 September 2020)

18 – 19
Module architecture of crowns in boreal species of Salix L.
Olga I. Nedoseko and Vladimir P. Viktorov (4 September 2020)

19 – 20

Taxonomy and Phylogeny Session
Sexual dimorphism in Hippophae rhamnoides L.: a system of populations with different evolutionary histories
Alexey A. Borisyuk (4 September 2020)

Taxonomy of East European feather grasses (Stipa L.): molecular data vs. traditional views
Yury O. Kopylov-Guskov (4 September 2020)

22 – 23
On the way to the taxonomic revision of Trollius L. (Ranunculaceae) in Asiatic Russia
Michael Serebryanyi (4 September 2020)

23 – 24
Geographic trends in Dorycnium Mill. (Fabaceae) phylogeny
Maya V. Lysova, Tatiana E. Kramina and Tahir H. Samigullin (4 September 2020)

24 – 25
The problem of species in the genus Paeonia L.
Galina V. Degtjareva, Sergei V. Efimov, Elena I. Terentieva, Tahir H. Samigullin and Carmen M. Vallejo-Roman (4 September 2020)

26 – 27
Modern species systematics of parasitoid Hymenoptera: the beginning of a taxonomic revolution?
Vladimir E. Gokhman (4 September 2020)

27 – 28

Rare and Endemic Species and Florae Studies Session
Hiding in plain sight: a new taxon within the mega-genus Salvia L. in Eastern Europe
Tamás Malkócs, Thomas Kuhn, Anna Szabó, Gábor Sramkó and Attila Mátis (4 September 2020)

28 – 29
Potentilla volgarica Juz. – a narrow endemic in the midst of the Russian plain
Ivan A. Schanzer, Alina V. Fedorova and Guzyaliya F. Suleymanova (4 September 2020)

Endemic species of Callitriche L. (Plantaginaceae) in the Lower Volga Region
Maria O. Ivanova, Polina A. Volkova, Alexandr A. Bobrov and Ivan A. Schanzer (4 September 2020)

30 – 31
Genetic diversity of Tulipa suaveolens Roth (Liliaceae) and its evolutionary relationship with early cultivars of T. gesneriana L.
Tatyana A. Kritskaya, Alexander S. Kashin, Yuri V. Perezhogin, Ramazan A. Murtazaliev, Dzhalaludin M. Anatov and Nikolai Friesen (4 September 2020)

The genus Kleinia Jacq. in the collection of the Main Botanical Garden RAS: anatomy, morphology, taxonomy
Lyudmila V. Ozerova (4 September 2020)

32 – 34
Phylogenomic study of intermediate pasque-flower, Pulsatilla subslavica Futák ex Goliašová
Sándor Jordán, Levente Laczkó, Viktor Virók and Gábor Sramkó (4 September 2020)

34 – 35
Conservation genetics of Pannonian populations of European ground squirrel, Spermophilus citellus L. (Rodentia: Sciuridae)
Lajos Szatmári, Levente Laczkó, Tamás Cserkész and Gábor Sramkó (4 September 2020)

36 – 37
On Sphagnum medium Limpr. in Russia
Anna V. Shkurko, Vladimir E. Fedosov and Ekaterina O. Korolkova (4 September 2020)

37 – 38
An overview of the native flora in the Oka River Basin
Marina V. Kazakova (4 September 2020)

38 – 39

Alien, Invasive, Weedy and Quarantine Species Session
Microevolutionary changes in species of section Triplinervae of the genus Solidago L. during the secondary range formation
Yulia K. Vinogradova (4 September 2020)

40 – 41
Growing exotic perennials (Miscanthus × giganteus J.M.Greef & Deuter ex Hodk. & Renvoize, Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby, and Artemisia dubia Wall. ex Besser) in Lithuania
Jelena Ankuda and Eugenija Bakšienė (4 September 2020)

41 – 42
Genetic polymorphism of Chondrilla L. (Asteraceae) in European Russia and the nature of Chondrilla juncea L.
Aleksandr S. Kashin, Tatyana A. Kritskaya, Alena S. Parkhomenko and Ivan A. Schanzer (4 September 2020)

42 – 43
Problems in the standardization of plant diagnostic methods in phytosanitary laboratories as exemplified by the genus Xanthium L. (Cocklebur)
Vitaly G. Kulakov (4 September 2020)

43 – 44

Poster Session
Population structure and dynamics of some species in the tribe Neottieae (Orchidaceae)
E.L. Zheleznaya and E.M. Danilova-Danilyan (4 September 2020)

45 – 47
Calciphilous flora of the Bolshaya Golubaya River floodplain within Kalachevsky District of Volgograd Province
Igor A. Zubov and Julia V. Bakayeva (4 September 2020)

47 – 48
Assessment of woody vegetation in Sasha Filippov Park, Volgograd
Elizaveta Yu. Ruleva, Milena A. Kukushkina and Anastasiya A. Ruleva (4 September 2020)

48 – 50
A report on the finding of Jacob’s ladder (Polemonium caeruleum) in Balashov District of Saratov Province
Elena B. Smirnova, Alexey V. Nevzorov and Vladimir S. Epifanov (4 September 2020)

50 – 51
True and false Solidago L. hybrids in northeastern Europe
Maria A. Galkina (4 September 2020)

51 – 52
Microevolution of invasive shadbush species Amelanchier Medik. in the central part of European Russia
Alla G. Kuklina, Ivan A. Schanzer and Oksana I. Kuznetsova (4 September 2020)

52 – 53
Adaptation of Salix L. species to dynamic forest habitat conditions: balance of euri-, post-, and pre-adaptations
Alexey Yu. Kulagin (4 September 2020)

53 – 54
Adaptations of conifers to technogenic environment as exemplified by Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)
Gleb A. Zaitsev (4 September 2020)

54 – 56
Assessment of sandy everlasting Helichrysum arenarium (L.) Moench resources in Pot’ma (Rtishchevo District, Saratov Region)
Marina A. Zanina, Bekkhan D. Shatakhanov and Mikhail A. Pimenov (4 September 2020)

Sequencing of NR ITS region in species of the type section of Peucedanum L. (Apiaceae)
Julia V. Shner, Galina V. Degtjareva and Tatiana A. Ostroumova (4 September 2020)

57 – 58
Application of scientific names to willow cultivars: Salix × simulatrix F.B.White
Olga V. Epanchintseva (4 September 2020)

58 – 59
Cuscuta L. species in Penza Region
Ekaterina A. Sukholozovа and E. Sukholozov (4 September 2020)

59 – 60
Diversity of plant life forms in herbaceous communities of Central Forest Nature Reserve (Tver Province)
Tatiana M. Gavrilovа and Oxana V. Cherednichenko (4 September 2020)

60 – 61
Flora studies in Tobolsk vicinity
Boris S. Kharitontsev (4 September 2020)

61 – 62
The problem of vicariant species in Euonymus L. of Northern Eurasia
Ivan A. Savinov and Nikolai A. Trusov (4 September 2020)

62 – 64
Peculiarities of microgametophyte development in several species and cultivars of poplar
Svetlana V. Polevova (4 September 2020)

Biotechnological methods of rare plant species cultivation
Olga I. Molkanova, Irina V. Shirnina and Tatiana Yu. Konovalova (4 September 2020)

65 – 66