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Vol. 1 (2) – 30 April 2014

George W. Argus, salicologist for life
Irina Belyaeva and Keith Chamberlain

99 – 111
Airborne plant-plant communication
Keith Chamberlain

112 – 132
An update on the cultivar registration of Populus and Salix (Salicaceae)
Yulia A. Kuzovkina and Lorenzo Vietto

133 – 148
Cephalopodum badachschanicum, Semenovia vachanica and other Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) novelties of Afghan flora from Badakhshan Province, with notes on some species of the Pamirs
Mikhail G. Pimenov, Evgeniy V. Kljuykov and Uliana A. Ukrainskaja

149 – 168
Vegetation of the northern Far East in cartographic models
A. N. Polezhaev

169 – 186
Bay-leaved willow (Salix pentandra L.) and related species: Taxonomic and geographic overview by A.K. Skvortsov
Irina Kadis

187 – 206
Episodes from the Past
Larisa Kramarenko

207 – 209
Book Reviews
GENUS CYCLAMEN: Science, Cultivation, Art and Culture by Brian Mathew
Heather L.Lindon

210 – 211