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Vol. 3 (1)

Five new names in the genus Cyperus L. (Cyperaceae)
Vadhyaruparambil P. Prasad, and Rafaël Govaerts (4 October 2016)

01 – 03
Variability of characters in reproductive organs of three taxa within Agropyron Gaertn.: Mathematical analysis
Sergey I. Neuymin, Sergey A. Shavnin, Andrey A. Montile, Andrey I. Montile and Simha I. Katsman (10 October 2016)

04 – 19
Taeniopetalum Vis. (Apiaceae), a neglected segregate of Peucedanum L., supported as a remarkable genus by morphological and molecular data
Tatiana A. Ostroumova, Michael G. Pimenov, Galina V. Degtjareva and Tahir H. Samigullin (25 November 2016)

20 – 44
Additions to the new taxonomic classification of Molluginaceae (Caryophyllales)
Alexander P. Sukhorukov and Maria Kushunina (13 December 2016)

45 – 54
Book Reviews
Fathers of Botany: The discovery of Chinese plants by European missionaries. By Jane Kilpatrick
Helen Hartley (13 December 2016)

55 – 56